ASL Battleship Bundle-9 Boards included

  • $10.00
  • Save $8

BIG BUNDLE MONEY SAVER! Looking for a fun way to learn & review American Sign Language terms?  Do you like strategy games?  Try out this ASL Battleship bundle.  These include signed images with vocabulary listed for each sign.  Categories include: calendar, colors & seasons, conversations terms, food/edibles, playtime, questions & verbs, sports & weather.  Nine boards included.  If bought separately, it would cost $18 total.  Buy them bundled for a big discount.

Plays like the popular strategy game "Battleship."  Place your ships on the game board & hope your opponent can't figure out your ship's coordinates.  An example coordinate might be (from the calendar board) "Wednesday & week."  If your ship occupies that spot, then your ship takes a hit.  First player to sink the opponent's ships wins.

Images labeled for ease of use.  Master vocabulary sheets included.  Please no commercial use.  Personal use only.  Big thanks to 35 Corks Art Studio for their amazing graphics.