Jumbo ASL Plinko Boards (two board bundle)

  • $12.00
  • Save $8

Two pack bundle.  Money saver!  This pack includes my two jumbo sized ASL Plinko boards.

Tired of Jeopardy? Play Plinko.  Questions are linked with the main question board. It's all in place.  Look at the illustration on the question slide.  If you answer correctly, you get to drop the plinko chip.  Then it's up to fate.  You might score big.  You could land a big fat zero.

Categories include: school, around the house, play, colors, foods, outdoors, verbs, weather, sports, calendar, foods, animals  & jobs.  Keep score on the main game board. Just type in scores as you go.  No more keeping score on a whiteboard.  Question chips disappear after selection. That way you won't repeat questions.  Slides are animated.  Humorous audio is included.  The hippy flowers dance and keep things lively.  Personal use only.  No commercial use.  Big thanks to 35 Corks Art Studio for their amazing graphics.