Jumbo Sized Plinko Template-Add Your Own Questions

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This is the jumbo sized version of our popular plinko board.  This board is much larger though.  Instead of 46 pegs (like the original), there are 135 pegs.  This board has 49 questions.  Super easy to set up.  Plug in your questions and answers where directed, then play the game.

If you answer a questions correctly, you get to drop the plinko chip.  You could hit the $5,000 jackpot or wind up with a big fat $0.  One drop can change the whole game.  Keep score on the main board. Just type in scores as you go.  No more keeping score on the white board.  Slides are linked and animated.  The hippy flowers dance around. This game has it's own theme music & humorous sounds for each chip drop. Personal use only.  No commercial use.  Thanks & enjoy.