Sign Language (ASL) Classroom Feud

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UPDATED. NOW EVEN BETTER! Bigger boards to hold more content. Fun theme music added. Two extra teams spots added on scoreboard. Now keep score up to 6 teams, right on the presentation game board. NO MORE WHITEBOARD SCORING!

 ASL (American Sign Language) hand shape game. Plays like "Family Feud." Students are asked to identify signs that use the following alphabetic hand shapes: A, D, I, Q, C, M, P, U & B. An example would be "name a sign that uses an "A" hand shape." Students then buzz in to make their guesses. An answer to this question might be "apple" or "not."

 I surveyed students from my ASL level 1 & 2 courses. These are their responses (Not mine). Some answers are expected and some are off the wall. That's what makes the game so fun. My students can't get enough of this game. It is a class time favorite.

 -Instructions for game play are included.

-Notes are included on how to navigate through the slides.

-All the questions and answers are in place. No need to add anything.

-Links, animations & sounds in place.

-"Fast Money" round included.

-Play up to 4 teams.

-Keep score as you play.

 Special Thanks to 35 Corks Art Studio for their wonderful illustrations & to Kevin MacLeod for his wonderful theme music