Sign Language Memes & Meme Wall Activity

  • $3.00

Students love memes. This is a great way to incorporate what they enjoy doing with content you want to teach. 154 pre-made memes included. These memes are geared to American Sign Language (ASL). Just print them off, hang them in your room and wait for students to laugh their heads off.

 Students can also create their own memes. I have included 88 blank meme pictures. I have included instructions on how to add text to each meme photo. I have also included sample memes which use ASL "Gallaudet" font (ASL handshapes are used for each letter of the alphabet). Instructions are included on how to use this font.

 My students love creating memes with pictures they take of themselves & friends. This is such a popular activity in my class. So, you can use the meme photos I have included or have students make their own.